“Unlimited objects” in JavaScript

This “unlimited objects” effect is something I saw for the first time at early 90’s in Amiga demos. I’ve implemented this earlier in Monkey X. This time it’s implemented in JavaScript. The idea is, that there’s one moving object, the rest is real time animation… Video: The source code: The line, where CSS style isContinue reading ““Unlimited objects” in JavaScript”

AmiKIT – Compiling a C program to Play a MED module

I recently downloaded from the official AmiKIT site the free version of AmiKIT. It’s great! I love it! I love the Amiga! While testing the AmiKIT in an environment, that reminds me of the environment I had with the good old Amiga 4000, I got a spark to learn Amiga things again. It would beContinue reading “AmiKIT – Compiling a C program to Play a MED module”