AmiKIT – Compiling a C program to Play a MED module

I recently downloaded from the official AmiKIT site the free version of AmiKIT. It’s great! I love it! I love the Amiga! While testing the AmiKIT in an environment, that reminds me of the environment I had with the good old Amiga 4000, I got a spark to learn Amiga things again. It would beContinue reading “AmiKIT – Compiling a C program to Play a MED module”

Rolling and Rotating scrolltext (Old School VIII)

I made today a little Monkey X Pro demonstration: Rolling and rotating scrolltext (Old School VIII). Now it works perfectly. Like in Old School VII, the letters fade in and out at the bottom of the circle of letters. I have used my Font 2 PNG program to grab individual characters of a ttf-font toContinue reading “Rolling and Rotating scrolltext (Old School VIII)”

Shortly about my Amiga gaming history (1987 – 1993)

Soft start for this year, a look back in time… In older blog post I wrote about my computer gaming history on Vic 20 and on Commodore 64, now something about my Amiga times… My first Commodore Amiga was Amiga 500, which I got eventually upgraded with additional disc drive and 2 MB of (real)Continue reading “Shortly about my Amiga gaming history (1987 – 1993)”