License: Freeware
Version: 0.9
Programming language: Visual Basic 2008


Converts PNG files to JPEG files and vice versa. Simple and minimalistic.

All source and project files included.

See the SourceForge page.

From the source code you can learn, for example, how to use the BackgroundWorker class.

Source code license: GNU General Public License version 3.0.

If you don’t need the source, just delete other files than PNG 2 JPEG.exe.


When converting for example from PNG to JPEG and there are JPEG files in the file list, the JPEG files are ignored in the list (that is: only PNG files are converted). Respectively for converting from JPEG to PNG.

This program has some use when working with Monkey X with different targets, since all targets don’t support JPEG format, but do support PNG.

New in version 0.89:

  • Individual files from the file list can be removed

New in version 0.891:

  • “Remove selected” button is now also disabled during converting
  • Temp files created by VB deleted from the archive

New in version 0.9:

  • If multiple files were added with “Add picture(s)” button, the conversion didn’t happen, fixed now


Please let me know, if you find any bugs.

Below is a video of using the program:

Notice that some texts are in Finnish because of localization.

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