Order the Chaos II



License: Commercial (try before buy)
Programming languages: BlitzMax, C & Python
Version: 1.05

The game is sequel to Order the Chaos. The objective is again to order the chaos of shattered fractal images into order. The fractals are 3D Mandelbrot mountains. The fractals are now more polished and in some levels there is special touch to please the eye.

The game has two playing modes: Practice and Challenge. The latter is the actual challenge to solve with huge levels scrolling in the 4 x 4 grid. The practice mode has only one picture that fits in the 4 x 4 grid.

The game has ”Solve!” button in order to ensure the player, that the level can actually be solved, if the player is unsure is it possible. 🙂 Though, using this button ends the game.

After finishing the Challenge the player gets to see the long ending scenario with relaxing music.

Explore the beautiful Mandelbrot mountains and try the 7 minutes demo.

Password to download: OTC2

Remember to copy paste the registration name while registering.

Trial version is full version with limitation of 7 minutes of playing time. If you purchase the license (Share-It handles the secure payment), you get to play the game without 7 minutes limitation. Also possible future updates will be available at this site and one license is good for every update.

One can choose either full screen mode (may crash in Windows 10) or windowed mode:

Touch screen video of version 1.05:

Smart screen will by default block the game to run since I don’t have paid for the certificate. Click to run the game anyway, it is safe.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any problems running the game. We’ll find solution together, the game is tested to be safe and working.

New in version 1.05:

  • Optimized for particularly for touch screen and one mouse button playing experience
  • With slow hard drives the game might not start, fixed and tested with three PC’s

Short instructions to version 1.05:

The objective is to order the shuffled images to order.

Keep the left mouse button pressed down and move the mouse to slide a square to an empty space. To scroll the the pictures larger than the grid, keep mouse button pressed down and move the mouse. Similar way with touch screen.

In the startscreen and during game play space key can be used to toggle showing pointer. Alternatively by touching the ”hide pointer” button during game play.

Video of version 1.01 on level 1:

Notice! If the game for some reason doesn’t start from the the Launcher program, run the Launch program once and the game is initialized. After that the game will run, if you start it from “otc2.exe” file.