Old School V – A Weird Sine Wave Scroller Made in Monkey X

This is getting to be a nightmare, this is the 5th Old School demonstration made in Monkey X. Probably the last in the series. I must have be bitten by a nostalgia bug.

In this version the lightning effect affects the font too — see the better quality video with new music:

Below is the source code:

The strange variable coefficient causes the weird sine wave effect.

In order to get the lightning effect working for the font, one must create in addition to font.png file files font_n.png and font_s.png. The Mojo2 renderer does the job from that on.

File font.png is light blue as color, font_n.png is graphically the same but white. Font_s.png is darkened version of font_n.png.

As mentioned in the first Old School post, n stands for normal, s stands for specular.

I hope you get the same nostalgic feeling from the video as I get… As always, feel free to use the source.