Memorable Ladies Games



Version 3.00
License: Commercial


Memorable Ladies is a memory game with numbers and beautiful model pictures. The objective is to find pairs of numbers. When a pair is found, two parts of the model picture are shown. There are 7 bonuses that help to find the numbers. The game consists of 12 levels and an ending.

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Version: 2.00
License: Commercial
OS: Windows

Memorable Ladies Lite is a lite and different version of Memorable Ladies. The game has 9 levels, bonus game and a little ending. Some pictures are same as in Memorable Ladies.

The objective is to click in the squares where the shown target ball of certain color has appeared in the same order the target ball has appeared in the grid.

By repeating the sequences of the target ball, the final objective is to get the model picture of a level to be shown as a whole. By finishing the bonus game, one gets immediately to the next level.

A relaxing way to train your memory and concentration.


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