Map Editor

License: Public Domain
Programming language: BlitzMax
Version: 0.1 (from 7.10.2018 OV signed), 0.16 with source code only

Features of Map Editor v0.16:

  •  the map area is scrolled with the right mousebutton – the whole world
  • map can be filled with selected tile
  • the whole world map can be seen graphically
  • when the whole world map is showing, the editing continues from the map position you click at
  • The arrows up & down are divided into 1 step speed and 16 step speed (tile selection)
  • Selected tile can be picked up from the map
  • When changing worldmap size, the old map is preserved as long as it fits into new worldmap
  • The number of selected tile is shown

Video of version 0.16:

My Map Editor version 0.1 comes with all source files needed to compile with BlitzMax; you may modify the editor to meet needs of your own.

Version 0.1 is built for an Ultima IV remake tiles. Each tile is 16 x 16 pixels as size. The tilefile (shapes.png) is 16 x 4096 pixels. To fetch certain tile, say tile number 34 (the first one is 0), just multiply 34 by 16 and you have the pixel location of the tile in the shapes.png tilefile. The tiles are free to use.

Remember that one way to animate for example the water tiles, is to “scroll” the lines of the tiles vertically. This was the original way to animate some of the tiles.

In the editor I have doubled the size of the tiles when drawing into the screen.

Short instructions: Press right mousebutton to scroll the map area, the rest is somewhat selfexplanatory. See the video demonstration:

Notice that the texts in the filedialogs are localized.

The fileformat of the maps is simple: First two 4 byte integers are width and height of the map in tiles, the rest is map data (integers from 0 to 255) when using the shapes.png.

Notice that you may create separate maps for the villages, castles and so on, like in the classic 2D Ultima games. Download Map Editor form

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