Easy Math Challenge

OS: Android
Price: Free
Version: 1.9.2

Easy Math Challenge is a math puzzle game. The game consists of four difficulty levels and a reward scenario. From version 1.6 on, the reward scene appears after solving 10 puzzles on level 1, 9 puzzles on level 2, 8 levels on levels 3 and 7 levels on level 4.

There’s also new logical rule from version 1.6 on: If all the operations are set and “Next puzzle” is pressed and the result is wrong, the game ends. If all the operations are not set and “Next puzzle” is pressed, a next puzzle just appears and score decreases a bit.

Notice! At the moment there are no sound effects of music in the game. If there were, the game might not even start or crash on some devices. This seems to be related to programming language I have used. Let’s wait until it is updated and the game has again more life. 🙂

At the first level a puzzle could be “7 ? 2 = 5”. What you have to do is to tap on the question mark and then on the minus mark and you’ll see “7 – 2 = 5”. Then tap “Ready” or “Next puzzle”.

The game ends if you make one mistake ore reveal the puzzle.

Highest score is saved.

Video of the game:

Nice brain teaser. Quite addictive. Can you solve the puzzle shown in the video? 🙂