Easy Math Challenge

OS: Android
Price: Free
Version: 1.7.2

Easy Math Challenge is a math puzzle game. The game consists of four difficulty levels and a reward scenario. From version 1.6 on, the reward scene appears after solving 10 puzzles on level 1, 9 puzzles on level 2, 8 levels on levels 3 and 7 levels on level 4.

There’s also new logical rule from version 1.6 on: If all the operations are set and “Next puzzle” is pressed and the result is wrong, the game ends. If all the operations are not set and “Next puzzle” is pressed, a next puzzle just appears and score decreases a bit.

At the first level a puzzle could be “7 ? 2 = 5”. What you have to do is to tap question mark and then minus mark and you’ll see “7 – 2 = 5”. Then tap “Ready” or “Next puzzle”.

The game ends if you make one mistake ore reveal the puzzle.

Highest score is saved.

Video of the game:

Nice brain teaser. Quite addictive. Can you solve the puzzle shown in the video? 🙂