Suicide Express (C64) cover made with PO-28 Robot

I recently got for birthday present a Pocket Operator PO-28 Robot. It’s a pocket synthesizer with sounds that remind me of C64’s SID sounds.   I made a short cover of Commodore 64’s Suicide Express tune with it. For me it is an unforgetable tune. The cover is only 30 seconds loop.. In the videoContinue reading “Suicide Express (C64) cover made with PO-28 Robot”

Where to get sound effects and music

Updated 18.6.2018 In my early times I’ve used FreeSFX for example in Ball Shooter. The sound effects and musics from FreeSFX can also be used in commercial software products. In the credits for the sound effects and musics FreeSFX must be mentioned as follows:, when using their library. One of the probably finest sites for freeContinue reading “Where to get sound effects and music”