How to get timestamp in Monkey 2 with libc and in C

This morning I got implemented a little code, that can be used to get timestamp based on ANSI C code using Monkey 2 programming language’s libc. Let’s take first look at the Monkey 2 code: Namespace myapp #Import “<std>” #Import “<libc>” Using std.. Using libc.. Function Main() Local seconds:time_t Local p:tm_t Ptr Local date:String libc.time(VarptrContinue reading “How to get timestamp in Monkey 2 with libc and in C”

Sine Wave Scroller in Monkey2

Today’s little code, sine scroller in Monkey2. In the previous post you can download the code and data files for plain scroller. In this project same data files are used. Let’s take a look at the video: The scrolling isn’t very smooth in the video, but try the code: Namespace myapp #Import “<std>” #Import “<mojo>”Continue reading “Sine Wave Scroller in Monkey2”

Simple text scrollers in Monkey X and Monkey2

I coded today simple text scrollers in Monkey X and Monkey2. When the old school bug had bitten me I coded among other things the following: This night it’s time to just simple text scrollers code. Let’s take a look at the result of the Monkey X code: The source code: Import mojo2 Import brl.databufferContinue reading “Simple text scrollers in Monkey X and Monkey2”

Unique Random Integers part II

Last year I wrote about my clumsy implementation of unique random integers system, I’ve used in my Memorable Ladies games. In those the speed isn’t a critical factor. It’s sufficient that the idea works. 🙂 In this post the idea behind unique random integers is the same, but implemented in a faster way. In the implementation IContinue reading “Unique Random Integers part II”

Scrolling of Picture Larger Than Visible Area in Monkey2

I finally today made my first Monkey2 app. I think it was someday in September I finally noticed that Monkey X has evolved into hugely more advanced programming language: Monkey2. As I wrote in previous post I have an unfinished game project in Monkey X Pro. I think think I’ll finish it someday in Monkey2…Continue reading “Scrolling of Picture Larger Than Visible Area in Monkey2”