Example of Own Font Class in Monkey X

I seem to live in the past… Monkey X programming language has evolved into Monkey2, but I’m still sometimes using Monkey X. I made an example class to use in Monkey X with bitmap fonts converted with my Font 2 PNG. The example uses old Mojo-module, but old examples on scaling bitmap font made withContinue reading “Example of Own Font Class in Monkey X”

Rolling and Rotating scrolltext (Old School VIII)

I made today a little Monkey X Pro demonstration: Rolling and rotating scrolltext (Old School VIII). Now it works perfectly. Like in Old School VII, the letters fade in and out at the bottom of the circle of letters. I have used my Font 2 PNG program to grab individual characters of a ttf-font toContinue reading “Rolling and Rotating scrolltext (Old School VIII)”

Bouncing of the ball when it touches the Bat (80s Krakout style)

It’s night when I’m writing this. I came up with a little Monkey X tutorial on how to program the bouncing of the ball, when it touches the bat in the “old school way” — like in the popular C64 game Krakout in the 80s. In the video for the tutorial you can see, that asContinue reading “Bouncing of the ball when it touches the Bat (80s Krakout style)”

Scrolling a Picture Larger Than Visible Area in Monkey X

A little tutorial on scrolling a picture that is larger than the visible area of the screen in Monkey X. In this example we will be using a picture of 1280 x 960 pixels in “native” resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The source is primarily meant to Android target but works for example to desktopContinue reading “Scrolling a Picture Larger Than Visible Area in Monkey X”

Missile Attack in Monkey X

Again, some nostalgia. In older blog post I presented a shortened version of my old implementation of Amiga’s “Missile Attack”. This night I made the game in Monkey X and the source can be directly compiled to Android target. The game is quite simple one: Just shoot the missiles before they get to the bottom ofContinue reading “Missile Attack in Monkey X”

Scaling Bitmap Font Made with Font 2 PNG in Monkey X part 2

Just a quick update to old code, this one can be compiled to Android target. Source code copyright: public domain. Import mojo Import brl.databuffer Function Main() New MyApp End Class MyApp Extends App Const FONT_HEIGHT:Float = 49 Field gfxBG:Image Global angle:Float Global fontDat:DataBuffer Global gfxFont:Image Global textScale:Float Method OnCreate() gfxFont = LoadImage(“font.png”) fontDat = NewContinue reading “Scaling Bitmap Font Made with Font 2 PNG in Monkey X part 2”