Mid, Left & Right functions for Strings in Cerberus X

It’s beginning to be late night, but I want share these with you. Many of you probably remember Mid, Left and Right functions for strings in basic programming languages. Mid returns from given position x amount of chars Left returns from left x amount of chars Right returns from right x amount of chars TheseContinue reading “Mid, Left & Right functions for Strings in Cerberus X”

Font Class for my Font 2 PNG’s fonts in Cerberus X

My studies keep me really busy and tired… Still, I’m working on Cerberus X version of Easy Math Challenge, because there seems to be problem with sound in Monkey2 with 64-bit compilations for Android. Anyway, here’s direct implementation (earlier I did this for Monkey X) of font class to use with fonts made in myContinue reading “Font Class for my Font 2 PNG’s fonts in Cerberus X”

Unlimited Objects Source Code

In my old blog post I gave some idea how to implement “unlimited objects” program. In the original video I used 16 canvases with 16 images + the actual visible canvas. Two canvases only is sufficient. In the source (Cerberus X) below, no external graphics files are needed: The program gives different output, if theContinue reading “Unlimited Objects Source Code”

Simple text scrollers in Monkey X and Monkey2

I coded today simple text scrollers in Monkey X and Monkey2. When the old school bug had bitten me I coded among other things the following: This night it’s time to just simple text scrollers code. Let’s take a look at the result of the Monkey X code: The source code: Import mojo2 Import brl.databufferContinue reading “Simple text scrollers in Monkey X and Monkey2”

Tile Scrolling with Maps Made with my Map Editor

Little tutorial on scrolling a map/world made with my Map Editor. First, the source code in full: Quite straight forward, but some words about the code. In the Map Editor dat-file, the first 4 byte integer declares the width of the map, the second the height of the map in tiles. The size of the mapContinue reading “Tile Scrolling with Maps Made with my Map Editor”

Embedding HTML5 output of Cerberus X to WordPress pages

The first thing you need is Code Embed plugin. If your HTML5 output code loads files, something must be changed in the JavaScript-code. Find the following piece of code: BBHtml5Game.prototype.PathToUrl=function( path ){ if( path.indexOf( “cerberus:” )!=0 ){ return path; }else if( path.indexOf( “cerberus://data/” )==0 ) { return “data/”+path.slice( 16 ); } return “”; } TheContinue reading “Embedding HTML5 output of Cerberus X to WordPress pages”