Version: 3.6.3
Price: Free


Calculus is an Android app that differentiates and integrates user given polynomial.

The polynomial can have negative and positive fractional coefficients too.

A term from the polynomial can be fetched to be edited by touching for 1.5 seconds at the term.

Short instructions:

To edit a fractional coefficient, tap at first below the X, then tap below or above the line to enter denominator and numerator. To switch to back integer coefficient, tap again below the X. Fractions are always simplified.

If the polynomial doesn’t fit to the screen it can be scrolled.

The derivative and the integral can be fetched to be edited by touching at them for 1.5 seconds. Notice that this version doesn’t give the integral constant when integrated. This is worth noticing, if you wan’t see real results to the original polynomial in further integrations.

Also a constant can be given. This is can be done by touching somewhere in the term editing area for 1.5 seconds. Back to editing a coefficient, touch for 1.5 seconds somewhere in the term editing area.

Quite intuitive.

The graphs are saved to the Pictures folder. When saving the first graph, permission to write to Pictures folder is asked. After that, tap again Save button.

The graphs can be zoomed in too. Here’s a screenshot on that:

Video of Calculus v3.6.2: