3 seasons

License: Freeware
Version: 1.11 (from 7.10.2018 OV signed)

The game is some kind of Columns variation with bonus blocks. The objective is to get at least 3 blocks of same color in row, column or diagonally. The bonus blocks start to appear at level 3, if my memory serves me right.. The gray blocks can be destroyed only by bonus blocks.

Download the game from itch.io.

There are two game modes in the game: Marathon and Time. Time game has 60 seconds of time and bigger probability for a bonus block.

Personally I’m some kind of a autumn person. From the four seasons I like autumn most. See one screenshot from the autumn theme. Near where the picture has been taken is the Bothnia gulf. On the other side of the gulf resides Sweden.

Video that shows some summer and autumn theme levels and you can also enjoy the beautiful music of hall of fame:

Video of the time game:

In the actual game the movement is smoother.

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