My second take on subtune 4 of C64’s Rambo 2

The midnight has passed and I’m on fever.. I spent the whole passed day improving my first take on subtune 4 of C64’s Rambo 2. Now, I’m somewhat satisified with the result:

Subtune 4 of C64’s Rambo 2 — my second take

Among other bits and pieces I added a small ending to the tune. Not so good one, though.

Making music takes a lot of time, but it is relaxing and covering old C64 tunes, takes me back in time. I guess I will continue making music, because it’s so hard to find time and energy to other programming than studying work…

C64’s Rambo 2 subtune 4 cover made with FastTracker II

Martin Galway is one of my favorite C64 composers. I made yesterday cover his Rambo 2 subtune 4 song.

Rambo 2 subtune 4 cover

Software used for this was: sid2midi, OpenMPT, ProTrekkr and FastTracker II. OpenMPT was used to convert the song into FastTracker II’s XM-format. The one sample used in the song is made with ProTrekkr and the actual song was edited in FastTracker II.

This song was at first quite a mess in XM-format. There are still in the base line some strange X and K commands. I guess they’re related to Impulse Tracker, just guessing…

This subtune 4 is one one of my favourite C64 melodies. 🙂

I’ve started to code my dream game :-)

I’m still big fan of C64’s Ultima IV & V. Since playing those games, I’ve wanted to make some kind of 2D Ultima game myself and now I’ve started…

Though in my limited spare time, it will take probably quite a long time to finish this game. Not only coding takes time, but also to come up with some nice story for the game…

This is what I’ve done so far (far from perfect…):

Hopefully I will be able to make at least a ”mini version” for the Amiga, too.