Unlimited Objects Source Code

In my old blog post I gave some idea how to implement “unlimited objects” program. In the original video I used 16 canvases with 16 images + the actual visible canvas. Two canvases only is sufficient.

In the source (Cerberus X) below, no external graphics files are needed:

Import mojo2

Function Main()
	New MyApp

Class MyApp Extends App
	Field gfxCopy:Image[16]
	Field ccanvas:Canvas
	Field counter:Int
	Field angle:Float	
	Field canvas:Canvas
	Field scaleX:Float, scaleY:Float
	Field x:Float, y:Float
	Field r:Float
	Method OnCreate()
		canvas = New Canvas()
		counter = 0
		For Local i:Int = 0 To 15
			gfxCopy[i] = New Image(640,480,.0,.0)
		ccanvas = New Canvas(gfxCopy[0])
		scaleX = DeviceWidth / 640
		scaleY = DeviceHeight / 480
		r = 100
	Method OnUpdate()

	Method OnRender()
		angle = angle + 2

		x = Cos(angle) * r + 640 / 2
		y = Sin(angle) * r + 480 / 2
		r = r + 0.1

		counter = counter + 1
		If counter = 16 Then counter = 0


End Class

The program gives different output, if the calculations are in OnUpdate() on HTML5 target.

Below is the old video I’ve made previously:

Source code license: MIT.

Order the Chaos as Online Game

I published yesterday Order the Chaos as online game. The online version is some kind of lite version of the original BlitzMax game.

Link to game.

The game has a bit simpler ending because of the limitations of HTML5.

The resolution of the game is 648 x 720 pixels.

Order the Chaos II — more polished version and with large (the playing area is scrolled) Mandelbrot mountains is of course available on itch.io.

The online version of Order the Chaos works with mobile devices, too.

My Color 2 Transparent Online Tool

I think many of you may not have noticed (I can be wrong, though) that I have an handy online tool to make a certain color in a picture to transparent. The tool works at least with Chrome and Fire Fox. It’s quite slow but works well on small pictures.

The URL is https://blue-bit-entertainment.com/color2transparent/

Below is a video of me using the tool:

My system is in Finnish, but I have added some translations to the video.

Do use it, if you have use of this kind of tool.


Good Commodore 64 games I’ve previously forgotten and which could be re-made

In my old blog post I discussed my computer gaming history with Vic 20 And Commodore 64. Of course, I forgot some nice games that as re-made could be good games even today.

First, I’d like to mention the game I have discussed before: Stix.

I’ve even started to make a remake of this game to Android. Though, I think this project will take some time to get finished.

One game we played with my friends as youngsters a lot is Artillery Duel.

This could be a nice Android game with possibility to play with others via the internet.

Omega Race has been for example to the Amiga as shareware remake game. It would be nice to make some kind of version of this game to Android, too. Below a video of the Vic 20 version of this game:

I’ve started to make a remake also from this game to Android…

Cataball is also something, that could be interesting to make to Android platform. Video of the Commodore 64 version:

With nice backgrounds with parallax scrolling, the result could be nice.

Also, a version of Gyruss to Android could be nice.

One of my online games reminds me of this game, namely Defense III.

Let’s see how the Android versions turn out to be… 🙂


My Contribution to Music Game Jam 2018

I participated in Music Game Jam 2018 on itch.io. My game is quickly made musical memory game. Find match to part of the tune you hear and build a tune…

I have used as in-game music my first PC tracker music module, that is in fact unfinished… To the title screen I made strange music background with ProTrekkr — sounds like old school C64 music! 🙂

Below is the video of my contribution:

I will probably be left to the bottom positions of the Jam with my game.. At least I participated and tried to to make something nice in retro spirit..