Ending scenario of Advanced Levels of Order the Chaos

I’ve taken Order the Chaos offline. Order the Chaos II is available and I will keep it online, it’s so eye-candy fractal game. 🙂 Below is the video of the long ending scenario of advanced levels of Order the Chaos — enjoy the beauty of Julia set mountains! The ending scenario of Order the ChaosContinue reading “Ending scenario of Advanced Levels of Order the Chaos”

Sine Wave Scroller in Monkey2

Today’s little code, sine scroller in Monkey2. In the previous post you can download the code and data files for plain scroller. In this project same data files are used. Let’s take a look at the video: The scrolling isn’t very smooth in the video, but try the code: Namespace myapp #Import “<std>” #Import “<mojo>”Continue reading “Sine Wave Scroller in Monkey2”

Simple text scrollers in Monkey X and Monkey2

I coded today simple text scrollers in Monkey X and Monkey2. When the old school bug had bitten me I coded among other things the following: This night it’s time to just simple text scrollers code. Let’s take a look at the result of the Monkey X code: The source code: Import mojo2 Import brl.databufferContinue reading “Simple text scrollers in Monkey X and Monkey2”

Recently published to Android: Calculus

I published recently initial version 1.0 of a calculus program called Calculus to Android. I have plans to publish PC version too, when the program is developed further. The program differentiates and integrates user given polynomial and simplifies all the fractions. The coefficients can be 4 digits long. I haven’t given a limit to amount of termsContinue reading “Recently published to Android: Calculus”