Starfield Cube

This one goes to nostalgia, old school and to my hobby corner. 🙂

Below is the video regarding this post:

The video starts with traditional old school 2D stars, then the video continues with 3D cube that has the 2D star field as texture. Each face of the cube is transparent, so you see the starfields of the cube from different faces at once… The cube fades into the background slowly…

I haven’t done much 3D programming in Blitz3D, but this kind of code is quite easy for a beginner like me to put together.

I remember, that in the good old Amiga days I saw an amazing Amiga demo, that had star field in rotating cube. Those Amiga demos were a lot more complicated to program, since they were low level assembly code using directly Amiga’s hardware. The idea to program this in Blitz3D came from one Amiga demo music remix tune, that has little speech in it: “A star field in a box. Oh my God, it’s rotating!” 🙂

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