A Bit On Strategy On Playing The Memorable Ladies

At first Memorable Ladies may seem difficult to play, but with some strategy, playing the game becomes easier.

On each level all the numbers can be shown once for a short time. It is wise to use this option later on each level (if needed at all), because at first it is difficult to memorize all the numbers. Even if one tries to memorize some of the numbers, it may take too long to find the pair, when all the numbers are shown and even more difficult to remember where the numbers were, when they are not shown anymore. (When “Show Numbers” option is used, one can’t click the numbers to get pairs.)

The key is patience. One strategy is to click on (1..4) * 2 squares. At the beginning of a level you probably don’t find a pair for the first squares and particularly if you don’t find a pair, try only to remember the numbers of first 1..4 squares, not the numbers that weren’t pairs for them.

If one marks those numbers (the amount of marks is limited), one can see those numbers until the pair for the numbers is found. When the numbers of 1..4 squares are memorized, wait for some bonus and click that. The bonus reveals at least one number. If the first bonus doesn’t reveal pair for any of the memorized numbers, wait for a bonus again. With good luck you’ll get a bonus that reveals seven numbers. Also the numbers revealed by the bonuses can be marked.

With this kind of strategy you’ll get started without making too many mistakes at the very beginning of the game.

Below is a video of completing level 1 of Memorable Ladies (played at night with bad memory 🙂 ):

Memorable Ladies comes as bundle with Memorable Ladies Lite.

Of course depending on how well you can memorize the numbers, you can develop your own strategy.

Memorable Ladies Lite has different concept of a memory game, it’s not about numbers. The concept  in the game is actually used for improving memory of people having difficulties with it.