Touching a real time scaled and middle handled image in Monkey X

One of my Android projects is getting further every now and then… I’d like to share here something that is related to that project: Touching a real time scaled middle handled image. This version uses Mojo2 and OpenGL2. OpenGL2 is only needed for storing the pixel information of the image (LoadImageData).

You might want check the video:

The image that the program uses, has transparent pixels. Touching the image is done by checking is the alpha component of image’s pixel <> 0. If it is, the image has been touched. With mojo2 every image is middle handled by default. This is good for real time scaling and rotation.

The program below tests if pre-loaded image has been touched while it is real time scaled.

If you want to see the above code in practice, please check the video above. And as always, feel free to use this code as you wish.