Scrolling a Picture Larger Than Visible Area in Monkey X

A little tutorial on scrolling a picture that is larger than the visible area of the screen in Monkey X. In this example we will be using a picture of 1280 x 960 pixels in “native” resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The source is primarily meant to Android target but works for example to desktopContinue reading “Scrolling a Picture Larger Than Visible Area in Monkey X”

Shortly about my computer gaming history (1984 – 1987)

It all started in 1984, when in Finland the prices of home computers were significantly reduced. One could buy a home computer for under 1000 Finnish marks. That’s about 167 euros. My parents bought me a Commodore Vic 20, that costed 999 Finnish marks. I really liked the first (and at the time only) gameContinue reading “Shortly about my computer gaming history (1984 – 1987)”

Missile Attack in Monkey X

Again, some nostalgia. In older blog post I presented a shortened version of my old implementation of Amiga’s “Missile Attack”. This night I made the game in Monkey X and the source can be directly compiled to Android target. The game is quite simple one: Just shoot the missiles before they get to the bottom ofContinue reading “Missile Attack in Monkey X”

Scaling Bitmap Font Made with Font 2 PNG in Monkey X part 2

Just a quick update to old code, this one can be compiled to Android target. Source code copyright: public domain. Import mojo Import brl.databuffer Function Main() New MyApp End Class MyApp Extends App Const FONT_HEIGHT:Float = 49 Field gfxBG:Image Global angle:Float Global fontDat:DataBuffer Global gfxFont:Image Global textScale:Float Method OnCreate() gfxFont = LoadImage(“font.png”) fontDat = NewContinue reading “Scaling Bitmap Font Made with Font 2 PNG in Monkey X part 2”