“Old School” — a Little Monkey X Demonstration

Soon the year 2015 will be on the pages of history. I made today a little demonstration in Monkey X with Mojo2. The demonstration is called “Old School” — for the good old Amiga days. See the video below: Below is the source code: Import mojo2 Import mojo2.glutil Import brl.databuffer Function Main() New MyApp EndContinue reading ““Old School” — a Little Monkey X Demonstration”

3D Stars with Mojo2

As an example of using Mojo2 module in Monkey X, I wrote the 3D stars using Mojo2 module in Monkey X. In earlier post the stars were made with the old Mojo. Mojo2 has lots of nice features to experiment with. %https://blue-bit-entertainment.com/3DstarsMojo2/MonkeyGame.html% Below is the source code in full: Import mojo2 Function Main:Int() New MyApp ReturnContinue reading “3D Stars with Mojo2”