Nostalgia: Missile Attack

Again, some nostalgia. I remember, that it was late 80s, when I had a game called “Missile Attack” for Amiga. It was shareware game priced at $5.

Many years ago I made just for fun my own implementation of this classic game in Blitz3D. For curiosity, if my memory serves me right, in Terminator II young John Connor is playing this kind of game in one part of the movie.

In this blog post is shortened version of my Missile Attack game. The code is quite messy. I hope there are not any horrible bugs in this old game. This is the first time the game sees the daylight.

Copy paste the code to Blitz3D and start playing, it’s really quite fun, though quite pointless. 🙂 No external files are needed.


Instructions for playing:

  • Use mouse to shoot the missiles
  • Space bar for full destruction
  • When at least 2 missiles are shot with one shot. the player is rewarded by bigger shot
  • If a missile goes to the side of the screen, player’s energy decreases
  • If missile touches the line at the bottom of the window, the game ends
  • If the player clears the screen by firing, the player is rewarded by giving 3 full destruction balls

The code isn’t really commented, sorry!