3D Stars with Mojo2

As an example of using Mojo2 module in Monkey X, I wrote the 3D stars using Mojo2 module in Monkey X.

In earlier post the stars were made with the old Mojo. Mojo2 has lots of nice features to experiment with.

The code is compiled to HTML5 and result can be viewed here.

Below is the source code in full:

Feel free to use this code.

HTML5 3D Stars

The 3D stars used to be embedded in this blog post, but that caused this post to pop up as top most post, when clicking Blog from the menu. Now the stars are embedded here.

The code is written in Monkey X Pro, but you can use the same code directly in free Monkey X, that compiles to desktop or HTML5. With Monkey X Pro you could compile the same code also to Android among other platforms it supports.

Here’s the code:

Do use my code as you wish.