Order the Chaos





License: Commercial (try before buy)
Price: $1,79 + VAT also in euros €1,79 + VAT

If you purchase Order the Chaos 1 & 2 as bundle, the bundle costs only $2,00 + VAT or €2,00 + VAT. See the Store.

Programming languages: BlitzMax, C & Python
Version: 1.01


The objective is to order the pieces of Julia set mountains so that pictures are in order.

When ordering the picture one square is left empty, either in the north west corner or in the south east corner.

The game has 10 simple levels and 10 advanced levels with more moves to complete with bigger Julia set mountains in the same grid as in simple levels so that the level pictures can be scrolled.

Among other little buttons there is “Solve!” button that “solves” the level by reversing all the moves, including shuffling. If “Solve!” button is used, the level is solved, but as the level is complete, the game ends.

After completing all the simple or advanced levels, the player gets to see the long ending scenario with ending music. The ending looks different on the simple and advanced levels. Take my word of it: If you have put your back on each level and you have completed them all, you probably want to watch the long ending scenario again (and perhaps again and again) with relaxing ending music…. After finishing all the levels and after the long relaxing ending scenario is finished, you have two buttons to choose from: “Watch the ending again” and “Hall of Fame”. As an intelligent player, you know, what you want after hard work. I’m sure for it.

Do try the game. The unregistered version has 7 minutes of playing time. You’ll probably finish several simple levels by that time.

Password to download: orderthechaos.


Share-It handles the secure payment.

Smart screen will by default block the game to run since I don’t have paid for the certificate. Click to run the game anyway, it is safe.

The possible future updates are free and available from this page. One license is good for all possible future updates.

New in version 1.01:

  • Small internal fixes

Video of version 1.01. At the end of the video advanced level 3 is finished completely.


Simple levels 1 – 3

Advanced levels 1 and 2: